Three Ways Software Integration Produces Returns on Investment

Software systems oftentimes work best when they are well integrated with others. In some cases, a system that stands on its own will provide service valuable enough to justify its existence. In many others, though, appropriate types of software integration will multiply the value each involved system can produce.

Effective Integration Pays Off in Many Ways

Every piece of software is a reflection of certain assumptions and perspectives. Some pieces of software, for instance, are designed to accept only data that has been carefully normalized and sanitized. Others are much more accommodating and open.

As a result, it is common for there to be problems getting two or more software systems to cooperate as well as might be hoped. When such issues crop up, they can almost always be solved by arranging for the creation of additional software that bridges the problematic gaps.

In most cases, such a tool, adapter, or pipeline will cost relatively little to have developed, especially compared to the potential benefits. Some of the desirable results that most often come from funding integration work include improvements with regard to:

  • Reliability. Systems that have been integrated more closely than in the past tend to cooperate more harmoniously. That will typically make problems with data corruption and the like far less of an issue. More reliable systems cost less to keep running and can allow resources to be devoted elsewhere.
  • Efficiency. Poorly integrated software systems often struggle to consume and process the data they receive from other platforms. Over time, this will often mean a system operates at a lower level of capacity than would be hoped. Arranging for systems to be integrated more elegantly can boost efficiency significantly.
  • Capabilities. In many cases, integrating distinct systems more closely will open up entirely new options. If two systems that previously failed to cooperate are made to do so, for example, reports that encompass both of their focuses could become more feasible.

An Investment That Often Makes Sense

Benefits like these regularly arise from the successful integration of software systems. Many companies that look into the options discover how integrating their own software tools can be even more beneficial than investing in new ones.