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Aspects to Enlighten You More About Recreational and Medical Marijuana in Nevada

Know more about medical and recreational marijuana usage in Nevada. Note that several states are giving a legal go-ahead for the usage of marijuana for recreational purposes but only to the adults. In this case, Nevada happens to be amongst the states, and you are needed only to possess up to one ounce or up to 3.5 grams of concentrate. Know that this law was approved in 2016. Note that displaying marijuana or public use will lead to civil penalties this law was effective since January 1, 2017. Understand that driving under the influence of marijuana illegal and dangerous. No matter the amount of the marijuana you have taken it is plain and simple you are at risk of driving impaired which is not good for you no other drivers on the road.

In Nevada, it is only legal to attain marijuana when you purchase it from a store or a state-licensed dispensary. If you get it from any other source be sure you are now way out of line and you are dealing in the illegal marijuana business. Age in this case of buying recreational marijuana matters for you are in place to purchase it upon showing proper identification assuring that you are 21 or older.

If you in need of medical marijuana below is the way to get your medicated with marijuana. In Nevada back in 2001 was the time medical marijuana was legalized. Dispensaries were established well in back 2005 when they started selling medical marijuana. To be qualified for the medical marijuana card in Nevada there are specific criteria you will need to meet before you apply. When you possess the card you will be able to get the marijuana in the requirement from the state-certified marijuana dispensaries in Nevada legally. When you are partaking in the state’s medical cannabis program you can legally possess no more than two and one-half ounces of marijuana which is usable in any one 14-day period.

It is dangerous and also illegal to take medical marijuana and drive. For any amount of marijuana you consume will put you at risk of driving impaired. See that you get the medical marijuana from the state-certified store or dispensaries for it is the only legal way in Nevada. If you attain it from any other source, you will be illegally buying it. The card must be active, and you are required to present when getting medical marijuana from the medical marijuana dispensaries. You are eligible to get your medicinal marijuana from a dispensary if you do possess temporary recommendation letter or valid government-issued photo identification in this case you will be inquired to sign a Dispensary Patient Agreement upon your first time to receive their services.

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